About Irontechdoll
As the Logo of Irontechdoll shows, all the creations is based on people's pursuit for beauty! In the creation process, we try to recover every details that a real beauty enjoys. With this target, we have made breakthrough on skeleton, skin touches feel, private parts, makeup etc.

Real Sex Doll are our certified partner for Canadian customers.
On request we can supplied more models

Skeleton design
All the skeleton is designed, produced and polished by us. Each doll skeleton enjoys smooth and maximum performance.
A) Easier face combination and more steady construction.
B) Double joints neck, available for lifelike and steady neck postures.
C) Shoulder postures available, upward, downward, forward, backward movement.
D) Double joints knees for better postures like the doll sitting on her own heel;
E) New design on the the joints, much longer life time and no loose after long time use.

Mei - 145cm B-cup Ada - 150cm B-cup Lora - 150cm B-cup Victoria - 150cm B-cup

Miki - 155cm B-cup Hellen - 155cm B-cup Lulu - 155cm B-cup Akisha - 155cm B-cup

Hellen - 157cm DD-cup Annie - 158cm M-cup Sophia - 158cm M-cup Amanda - 158cm M-cup

Nuru - 158cm M-cup Jane - 158cm M-cup Alissa - 160cm F-cup Hellen - 160cm F-cup

Sandra - 160cm F-cup Yael - 160cm F-cup Lora - 160cm F-cup Anya- 163cm C-cup

Hellen - 168cm C-cup Yael- 168cm C-cup Connie - 168cm C-cup Selina - 168cm C-cup

Selina - 168cm C-cup Hellen - 169cm DD-cup Akisha - 169cm DD-cup

Vera - 170cm DD-cup Suzie - 170cm DD-cup Aurora - 170cm DD-cup

Collection Mini-Doll 65cm

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